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New Light Institute has employed skilled and totally dedicated teachers who are totally committed to impart the best of training for the Medical entrance exam. Highly qualified teachers have designed courses which are concluded in stipulated time to the satisfaction of the students. Ample time is given for making revisions, and resolving queries. Regular exams and interactive discussions are conducted in order to eliminate any doubts and misconceptions. Lot of stress is given to regular attendance and weekly performance. Regular attendance report and performance chart is mailed for reference of parents. A healthy spirit of competition is encouraged so that the student works hard and performs to the best of his ability. Online tests and score reporting through SMS or Email are done so that precious time of the student is saved. The Institute is well equipped with a library, so that the student can consult books for further reference... More

Medical career is a highly lucrative and economically productive career option. This unique career provides tremendous opportunities for outstanding financial success. There is a marked ascent in the earning patterns whether one takes up a job or practices medicine independently. The medical professionals have an elevated social status and are exceptionally respected in the society .The patients trust them with their lives and regard them as their savior. This greatly boosts self confidence and thus enhances one’s personal self esteem and satisfaction. No other career is as self rewarding and worthwhile as the medical profession. One helps the ailing and the sick and invariably assists in creating a vigorous and healthy nation. .. More