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Best Astrologers in Patna Bihar

Astrologer Dr. Rajan Raj has been in the service of humankind through the eye of Astrology for the last 14 years. He is one of the famous Astrologers in Patna. Most interestingly, Dr. Raj is an M.D.(A.Medicine), Ph.D.(Astrology),Ph.D.(Yogic Science), Gemologist(I.D.I), Govt.of India, Gold Medal winner. He began his journey of astrology when he met with his own complexities of life. He has been in the service of reviving the 5, 5,000-year-old and golden science of Astrology and Vaastu in….. More

One of Patna's most well-known astrologers and the head of the Jyotir Ved Vigyan Sansthan is Acharya Dr. Rajnath Jha. He has received numerous national and international honours. He is a specialist in a variety of fields, including astrology, numerology, palmistry, and horoscopes. Millions of people have benefited from his counsel thus far, making their lives happier and more prosperous. We rank among Patna's top….. More

One of Patna's top astrology centres is Shivam Jyotish Kendra. Undoubtedly one of the best astrologers in Patna, Bihar. However, it would not be appropriate to continue to harbour any scepticism or hesitation regarding astrology's function. Hindu astrology is more than simply a ritualistic practise; it is a branch of science that uses the movements of celestial bodies around the Earth to….. More

We, at Khatri Shayam Gems, source original gemstones from the most reliable places in the world. We help you buy pure and natural gemstones, precious stones and semi-precious stones so that you can actually relish the associated benefits of specific gemstones. In order to provide you with exquisite gemstone jewellery, we incorporate the most recent concepts and cutting-edge processes in our state-of-the-art studio. Our remarkable collection of jewellery has benefited greatly from the expertise….. More

We Jai Maa Kamla Jyotish, situated at Bank Road, Patna, Bihar are one of the best astrologers in Patna to provide services, qualitative astrological consultancy service to our clients. As Astrologers we have immense knowledge about solving love marriage problems, business problems, property disputes, and numerous other problems. If you have any issues pertaining to your horoscope, marriage, match making or others, we are here to help you!

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Dr. Archaya P. Sanjay is Best Astrologers in Patna. He has a great admiration for astronomy, astrology, numerology, Lal kitab and Mantras. He has a scientific background and he had done a lot of research on these subjects. Providing Astro Palm consultation to peoples problems has become the sole aim and object of his life. His predictions are based on several dasas such as Vimshottari, Dwisaptatisama, Dwadashottari and Chaturshitisama Dasa, Jamini Char Dasa, Kota Chakra, sun….. More

If you think astronomy can help you with your problems and if you're looking for the right path in life, you've come to the right place. As the best astrologers in Patna, we never believe that misrepresenting your planets in order to cause fear in your head is a smart idea. We also provide online astrology services. Planets, in our perspective, have a major influence on how people's bodies, minds, and brains work. He offers professional guidance through horoscope reading for issues….. More

One of Patna's most renowned astrologers is Gurudev Jyotish Kendra. By merging the principles of Vedic and Western astrology, palmistry, numerology, and tarot, he has created his own special method of precise prediction. He uses astrology as a tool to improve human life and has a spiritual, scientific, and scientific outlook. We offer a variety of astrological counselling services and are helpful in foretelling significant events in a person's life, such as career and jobs, health, business….. More

One of the well-known astrologers in Patna is Astropick. as a professional astrologer with over 21 years of expertise. We are specialists in Vedic astrology, horoscope analysis, horoscope matching, gemstone recommendations, and astrology cures. We specialise in issues relating to family conflicts, health/illness, accidents, manglik, kalsarp, pitrdosh, shani-rahu grah dosh, nazardosh, and problems with education, career, and kundali. We are experts in this area and have access….. More

One of the Best Astrologers in Patna is Aadya Astro Jyotish Kendra Centre, therefore we might be the last place you inform about your issue. The facets of human life are numerous. Our Astrology Centre seeks to make Astrology and Tantra, a significant hidden component of life, more widely known. Your life may be the subject of some unanswered questions. Since the Aadya Astro Tantra Centre has answers to all of your problems, you no longer need to look elsewhere for the answers….. More