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The Hindi meaning of astrology is Jyotish- which means 'eye of Veda'. Acharya Shashikant mishra is Best Astrologer in Patna. When it comes to consultation with Astrologers in Patna then it is important to find the Best Astrologers in Patna. If you want to know your daily horoscope and future with Famous Astrologers in Patna then must visit Astrologer Acharya Shashikant mishra. Astrologer Acharya Shashikant mishra offers a variety of astrology products and services at reasonable prices. The products that we offer are made up of high-quality and valuable material. So, if you are in a search of the Best astrologer in Boring Road, Patna then you are at the right destination. Astrologer Acharya Shashikant mishrai is authentic and knowledgeable Astrologer in Patna who have an experience of many years in this field. If you are looking for the Best Astrologer Near Me then consult Astrologer Acharya Shashikant mishra... More

Astrologer Gurudev Jyotish Kendra an Eminent Astrologer in Patna, Spiritual healer and Guide of National & International Fame. As a Best Astrologer in Patna has developed his unique technique of accurate predication by combining Principles of Vedic/ Western Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and Palmistry and practices Astrology as a tool for the Betterment in Human life having Spiritual, Scientific and Innovative Vision. That's why known as Best astrologers in patna. Famous astrologer in Patna a range of Astrological Counseling Services and is instrumental in Predicting on the major events of ones life like Career & Jobs, Health, Business & Finance, Property, Love & Passion, Marriage & Compatibility, Luck & Fortune, Astrologically Command on the Horary Astrology, Vimshottary, Ashtottarry, Yogini & Kala Chakaras Dasha, Vimposhak Varga, AashtVarga etc. Our astrology Knowledge has given new meaning to Thousands of life by guiding them in the right directions and continuing his endeavor for research and development in Astrology & Numerology for effecting new methods for giving accurate predictions to his clients. .. More

Acharya Dr. Parmanand is a renowned best Astrologer in Patna and trusted name in the field of all aspect of Spiritual activities along with Astrology in Patna. As a famous Astrologer in Patna popular for her simple but very effective spiritual and astrological remedies.we known as top astrologer in patna with 35 years experience in Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology , Vastu & Occult Science including Astrology, Vayu and Numerology in Patna. Astrologer Acharya Dr. Parmanand is PhD in Physics yet have been passionately conducting research in Vedic Astrology and Occult Science since 1985. Astrologer Acharya Dr. Parmanand was born in a family where Spirituality & astrology was in the blood. . His grand father as well as father were brilliant astrologers and Palmists in Patna. He learnt basic of Astrology & Palmistry by his father and his father is also one of the best Astrologers in Patna, Bihar. When Astrologer Acharya Dr. Parmanand was only 20 year old. But he always had doubt about astrology's worth. Sometimes he would be impressed with astrology and spiritual power and sometimes he would be think it is superstition.We have been practicing Astrology & Gemology for the past 20 to 27 years and are intensely spiritual & divine.We have been offering self-less services to substance of Vedic….. More

If you are searching for Best Astrologers in Patna then Astrologer Narmadeshwar Shastri is blessed with religious intellect and rich moral values from his birth. Narmadeshwar Shastri a very famous Astrologer in Patna . Find Astrologer near me, Punaichak, Patna then visit once Vindhyavasini Jyotish Paramarsh Astrologer in Patna. After being completely absorbed with lesson taught by intense training Astrologer Narmadeshwar Shastri from the age of seven years started working on astrology and Vedic Rituals, Vastu Shastra Consultants, Palmists in Patna. Astrologer Narmadeshwar Shastri never considered Astrology as a scripture or religious thing. He always believed there is something more than this. Astrology is a 'Science'. His style of understanding the planetary position & their impact in human's life is purely scientific which attracts the present generation. As it connects with their 'logical' thinking. .. More

As an Astrologer in Patna Dr. Rajan Raj has been in the service of humankind through the eye of Astrology for the last 14 years. He is the gold medailist Astrologer in Patna. Astrologer Dr. Rajan Raj began his journey of Astrology when he met with his own complexities of life. Astrologer Dr. Rajan Raj is one of the famous Astrologers in Patna, Bihar, India. As an Astrologer met a number of astrologers of India and abroad.Dr. Rajan Raj always tried to associate Astrology with modern streams of sciences and result was there he fetched a Gold Medal at International conference on Astrology in kolkata for delivering a lecture on "Nanotechnology in relation with Astrological science."amidst numerous famous astrologers of India and abroad alongwith solemnly presence of many Central Ministers and Governors and Vice-Chancellors of various Universities. Several years of committed research in the field of Astrology and applied metaphysics and related Planetary sciences have not only given him much accolades and honours,but has also made him a torch bearer of many curious and restless people of the world by the idea of alleviation of human sufferings through Divine flowing cosmic energy of this Universe. Dr.Raj has been in the service of reviving the 5,000 year olden and golden science of Astrology….. More